Interested in Boarding your Canine with Cobra Canine?

We offer Two Programs:

Our CK9 Standard Boarding as well as our CK9 Board and Train Program.

Our Standard Boarding offers 2 breaks/walks per day, daily feedings (once or twice daily dependent upon your pup’s needs), a clean kennel for your dog to rest comfortably.

Our Board & Train Program allows for canines who are working on obedience or have had obedience lessons in the past with us, to have daily obedience lessons during their walk and break times with our kennel handlers and staff. This is a great way to keep your pup’s manners and obedience refreshed while you are away on vacation, business, etc.

Boarding Options

  • CK9 Standard Boarding* $20/per night
  • CK9 Board and Refresh* $30/per night (This is for Dogs who have been or Are Currently Trained in Cobra Canine’s Training Programs)
  • Each Additional Dog receives a $5 discount. (This applies to those boarding more than one pup at the same time)
  • CK9 Board & Train Program*- This is an Option for those looking to have Basic Obedience or Advanced Obedience Taught to their Dogs, or for those families or owners who are too far away to attend regular one-on-one lessons. This is a 2-4 Week Customized Overnight Program but is Subject to a Prior Evaluation. Pricing is Subject to Training Requested.

*Please note: Boarding is Subject to Availability & Canine Assessment with our Lead K9 Trainer

If you would like to Board your Canine, Call or Email us Today!