Cobra Canine instructors for Police and Military Groups are teaching training techniques, and handling skills that were developed for select International Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Our K9 Decoying seminars are headed by a few of the leaders in the industry with a vast knowledge working canines. Jeff Franklin and Mr. Matthew Duffy both have many years of experience with working canines from Sport Work to Real Life Scenarios to include Police, Military, SWAT, and Government Agencies.

The Cobra Canine Decoy Training Seminar – 4 days of Intense decoy Work. The seminar will have classroom instruction and practical decoy work.

Topics covered will be…..

  • Safety for K9 and Decoy
  • Reading and understanding K9 behavior during bite work
  • Preparing for training sessions and having goals
  • Identifying different types of aggression and how to work with them
  • Bark and Hold V.S. Bite and Hold
  • Sleeve, Hidden Sleeve, Bite Suit, and Muzzle fighting
  • Harnessing aggression
  • Aggression without equipment
  • How the decoy assists in control work
  • Scenario training for real deployments