police k9 handlers course
Cobra Canine offers Handler’s Courses with differing functions depending upon your department’s needs.  Also, if a course you are in search of is not listed here, we are able to personally customize courses for all aspects of canine handler training.  Simply contact us for more details.

About our Multi Purpose Canine Courses-

Handler & Canine Teams in our Multi Purpose Canine Courses will be trained in the utilization of muzzles, hidden sleeves, passive decoys, multiple suspect apprehension, dead prey, as well as hidden and/or barricaded suspects to ensure realistic training for real life scenarios.  All Handlers in this course will be trained on all aspects of Detection work* (See Detection Course description below).

*(We do offer Multi Purpose Canine Courses for those departments in need of only Bite Work and Tracking without Detection work as well.  As previously stated, we can customize training individually for your specific needs.  Simply contact us and we will make it happen).

About our Handlers Detection Courses-

All Handler & Canine Teams in our Detection Courses will be trained to work canines to search buildings, vehicles, schools, open areas and more.  Cobra Canine offers a wide variety of training facilities, locations, distraction training and real life applications.  Handlers typically work with canines trained with a passive response unless aggressive response is requested.

About our Tracking Courses-

Cobra Canine’s Tracking course covers basic training, ground disturbances, surface changes, multiple surface types, long distances, extended age of tracks, cross tracks, distractions and track contamination.  Handler & Canine teams will track in both urban and rural environments.  Also included- reading the dog, scent articles, search preparation, cover officer tactics, scent discrimination, environmental influences, maintenance training as well as record keeping.

About our SWAT Canine Courses-

Our SWAT course includes training under intense gunfire, breaches, crashes, explosive devises, dual entries, low or no light searches, as well as laser and directed search techniques.  We will work with other officers to maintain canine neutralization- around the stack, during entries and working with the Shield operator.

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