About Cobra Canine

Cobra Canine is a full service dog training center and kennel serving a broad spectrum of clients. Our headquarters and main training facility is located in the Virginia Beach, VA area. We provide Pet Dog Obedience Training in the Virginia Beach / Hampton Roads area. We train dogs, K9 teams, K9 handlers and security K-9 teams all over the globe. The owner of Cobra Canine is Jeff Franklin, one of the most respected Canine Behaviorists in the world. Cobra Canine prides itself on providing the world’s very best canine training for: dog obedience, detection services, military K-9, police K-9, security dogs, personal protection K-9’s, SWAT K-9’s and more. Cobra Canine is trusted by the U.S. Military for canine training and currently has dogs and dog teams working in Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe, and both Central and South America. Cobra Canine trains pet dogs in obedience and behavior modification.

Our Mission Statement

We at Cobra Canine are committed to providing the highest quality canine service possible. As professionals and animal enthusiasts, we strive to offer our customers reliable and accurate training information. It is our goal that all our canines function at the highest level possible within any theater of operation, whether it is on the streets of America, in your home, or deployed overseas.

Where Our Dogs Are:

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