Police Dogs & SWAT K9 Services

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Cobra Canine provides excellent service canines that are trained with the highest standards for our clients’ needs. We offer single purpose drug and explosive detection dogs, as well as dual-purpose canines that detect and protect. We also specialize in canines for police and military operations.

  • Detection Dogs – Drugs and explosive detection dogs are trained to search buildings, vehicles, schools, open areas, and more. All canines are trained with a passive response unless aggressive response in requested.
  • Patrol Dogs – Patrol canines are trained in obedience, handler protection, building and area searches, tracking and criminal apprehension.
  • SWAT K9s – SWAT dogs are trained for all tactical situations to include SWAT, SRT, ERT and special GOV agencies. Canine teams are trained in advanced levels of off leash control, tactical movements, explosive entries, gunfire, long-range detection, to include IED situations. The K-9’s are trained to recognize and work around and with the operators of such teams. Proper selection, socialization, and training is paramount to build a successful team. Teams are trained using real world based scenarios and our hands on working knowledge of the scenarios and AAR’s reported back to us. We train all K-9 teams to prepare them for deployments both CONUS and OCONUS.
  • The utilization of muzzles, hidden sleeves, passive decoys, multiple enemies, dead prey, hidden and/or barricaded suspects will be covered to ensure realistic training for real life deployments.
  • The proper application of an electronic collar will be covered to help perform many off lead long-range applications.
  • Handler courses are available along with on site consulting for program startup, training and or evaluations.
  • We also include intense gunfire, breaches, crashes, percussion grenades, explosive devises, dual entries, low and or no light searches, laser and directed search techniques, and proper K-9 video socialization use and applications.

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