The Cobra Legacy


People often ask us about our name.  Some people ask if we train snakes as well as dogs, others just assume we picked the name because it sounds tough, or maybe it’s because we have our fare share of car lovers around here.  However, the Truth of the matter lies in the heart of a canine, long passed, named Cobra.

Cobra was Jeff’s partner for many years.  Not only was he Jeff’s sidekick and an amazing companion, but he was a strong working dog with more drive than most can muster.  His Giant Heart could be felt by everyone around him, and his Desire to be the best Working Canine he could be every day of his life is what we will never forget.

Cobra (the dog)

Our business is named after Cobra because his spirit, drive, tenacity and loyalty are all traits we here at Cobra Canine strive to maintain in our own lives.

We know that the passing of our canine companions is always difficult, but we also know that in the memory of Cobra there lies a path for us to follow.  One towards truth, honesty, integrity and loyalty.

In Memory of Cobra

It’s Important to Recognize Our Humanity
Remember Our Companions of Old,

So That Their Diligent Efforts, Heroic Deeds,

And Fierce Warrior Spirit

Are Not Forgotten

To Our Partners, Our Protectors, Our Friends

Memorial Wall

K9 Moose

K9 Moose passed away August 12, 2016. Rest in peace Moose.

K9 Arras

K9 Arras passed January 12, 2016 after having bravely served Our Country in 5 Military Deployments overseas- two of those being a year long each. He has taken a piece of our Family with him to Heaven. We miss him dearly.

Julie Gibbs, United States Air Force

K9 Kanto Passed away August 2014

Police Corporal, Conroe ISD, John McPhillips

K9 Fire Passed away July 2013

John McPhillips, Police Corporal, Conroe ISD

K9 Marley passed away Dec 29, 2009