Detection Services for Hire

Detection dog services are available to assist our clients in providing a secure and drug free environment. Canine searches are an excellent method for identifying drugs (drug sniffing dogs), explosives (bomb sniffing dogs) and weapon problems. When used on a regular basis, random canine searches can be an effective deterrent to adverse activity.

Our Detector dogs are highly trained, very social, and extremely safe. These dogs are taught a passive response indication when they find a given odor; therefore they will provide accurate detection without any damage to personal property or the facility in which they search.

Detection K-9 teams have been trained to search many environments including: schools, businesses, residences, government facilities, warehouses, amusement parks, aircraft, cruise ships, and casinos. We can also conduct searches at sporting events, high profile meetings, conventions, concerts, and other gatherings. We can provide extra protection for VIP and high-ranking personnel.

Other detection modalities, including bed bug detection for businesses is also a capability of our canines and handlers.

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