Canine Detection Training

Detection Dogs –Narcotic, Drug, Explosive, and Bomb Detection dogs are trained to search buildings, vehicles, schools, open areas, buried items, IED’s and more. K-9 teams are trained in obedience, both on and off leash, search techniques, patterns and handling skills.

Detection Course – This course teaches the canine team to search for said odors, locate, alert and pinpoint.  The handler will learn how to read their dog and how to help the dog during the search.  This course covers all aspects of detection, to include but not limited to, theory’s of training, practical searches and scenarios, hidden compartments, cover and distracting odors, problem solving, and legal issues.

At the end of the course all teams are required to pass the Cobra Canine Certification and written test to insure all necessary skills are covered and understood.

During this course the team will be exposed to the following type of searches:

  1. Building Searches
  2. Vehicle Searches
  3. Luggage/Parcel Searches
  4. Locker/School Searches
  5. Buried Hides
  6. Open Area Searches
  7. Interdiction
  8. Long Range

Each team will train using the following narcotics while in school:

  1. Marijuana (optional)
  2. Heroin
  3. Cocaine
  4. Methamphetamine
  5. Opium

For Security reasons please call to discuss the list of explosive odors trained.

Officer Safety and proper legal considerations will be employed in all aspects of training.

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