Everyone at Cobra Canine was always there to help when I needed them. When we got Bentley from the Rescue although I had had several shepherds before and had worked with some problem dogs, I didn’t realize the issues that he had or how to handle such a big determined fellow. Jeff and the crew at Cobra Canine have saved Bentley and our family. He has gone from a surly unpredictable monster who grabbed our hands and growled at everyone to a big loving giant who loves to play and can tolerate crowds and strangers without flinching. Thank you all!

Being new to the K-9 program, and not having very much knowledge in that field, I would like to thank all you at Cobra. The seminar was a very good learning experience, I appreciate all of the hard work you each put in to make it a fun, and valuable experience.
D. Shipley

I wanted to drop you a line and give accolades on you the work you and your staff are doing. Working with dozens of MPCs and handlers over the past 13 years and seeing Ben’s calm demeanor and excellent training ability I feel much better when we are looking for IEDs. Ben has utilized K9 Flex to search many times and he has numerous finds SAVING OUR LIVES over here. I can not say thank you enough.
Justin M.

I just wanted to make you aware, both of our dogs, that we purchased from you passed (Aced) the patrol certification test today through VPWDA. The Master Trainer from Newport News, asked where we purchased them, as he was highly impressed with both of our new crime fighters. Once again thanks for everything.
Jim E.

I got a picture today of my new girl. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I also don’t think I can express how thankful I am either. I am so humbled by the hard work of you and your staff to go out of y’alls way to find and train a dog to meet my needs. These past two years I have learned a lot about people and have been so humbled by everything that people have done to help me move on with my life.
David C.

Fortunate to have met the KPD Canine Officer at the PetSmart. I think you guys at Cobra Canine are going to help Bishop and myself reach the next level and on down the road maybe Agility and Personal Protection training. Today was good stuff!
B. Horne